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Paper published in Genome Research

04 November 2014

SBL have published a paper entitled "Violation of the 12/23 rule of genomic V(D)J recombination is common in lymphocytes" in Genome Research, full text can be accessed here.


Ebola field test kit - update

20 October 2014

SBL have made RNA from an in-house designed GFP-ebola construct. We are now optimising a LAMP assay for this as well as in talks with NEB.


Ebola field test kit

03 October 2014

SBL are currently developing an Ebloa field test kit, updates on the progress will appear on this page. Anyone wishing to collaborate on this project, please contact us at



29 May 2013

Manything - effortlessly monitor anything

Manything was founded in 2013 by a team of innovators and creatives who have a track record in spotting technology trends and creating successful businesses, including Alamy, RM and Innocent fruit drinks.

Manything turns your iOS device into a remote online video service. It opens a whole new world of applications such as instant video streaming, recording of sporting activities, helmet cam for your bike, pet cam, nanny cam, granny cam, any cam. And, yes,  even video security to watch your things when you're not there.



17 April 2012

We welcome Paul Schroeder who joins us from Liverpool/Oxford University to study for a PhD.


Interview with the BBC

02 February 2012

Mike Fischer, Director of Research, was interviewed by Jenny Hill from BBC Breakfast about Vitamin D.

The BBC video can be viewed here.


Application note published on BMG Labtech website

01 December 2011 

SBL have had an application note titled "Measure femtogram quantities of dsDNA on the BMG Labtech PHERAstar Plus" published on the BMG Labtech website. The webpage is here and the pdf is here.


Paper published in Genome Research

17 November 2011

SBL have published their first paper entitled "Preparation of high quality next generation sequencing libraries from picogram quantities of target DNA" in Genome Research. The full text can be accessed here.


ReelDeal HD visit

12 May 2011

Erwin from ReelDeal HD came in to the labs to use the space for filming some science sequences.

The resulting video can be seen here.


Conference presentation

10 May 2011

Siarhei Maslau from our laboratory presented a poster titled "TAGMENTATION  -- Next-generation sequencing libraries from picogram quantities of target DNA" at the Biology of Genomes conference held at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York, USA. 


Ed Vaizey visit 

25 February 2011

Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, visited SBL and was given a guided tour of the laboratory and a talk on our current areas of research.


Goodbye and hello

December 2010

We say goodbye to Janet Fernihough who has left SBL UK and taken up a position with Vertex.
We say hello to Rufus Greenbaum, who joins us in January 2011.


Zebrafish development video chosen by Broad Institute

29 January 2009

A video of zebrafish egg development video, made by members of SBL, has been chosen by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to feature in a new, interactive touch-screen exhibition as part of the opening of the DNAtrium. This will showcase the key discoveries in genetics and genomics over the last three centuries. The exhibits, which are freely open to and aimed at the general public, feature engaging images and other digital media related to these seminal discoveries.

The YouTube video can be viewed here.


Molecular biologists –senior and junior positions available

12 May 2008

These positions have now been filled.